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Holistic Financial Planning

Holistic Financial Planning includes a very wide range of services. We meet with our clients as often as necessary during the course of the initial year, depending on the situation, to create and set in motion their financial plans.

Holistic Financial Planning is the focus of our practice and includes a wide range of services. 

We believe that financial decisions cannot be made in a vacuum, and only by considering the whole financial life can one prudently plan for the future.

This fluid, holistic viewpoint is why we address taxes, insurance, and investing in our integrated, dynamic financial planning process.

Because each client has unique issues and concerns, clients can utilize our services to varying degrees. We work with you to determine which areas are priorities for you and which areas should be priorities in our professional opinion.

As a financial planning client you will not be limited to scheduled appointments covering designated topics.

We work on an open retainer basis meaning you will be free to call us or set an appointment with us at any time you desire to discuss topics of concern which are within our scope of expertise. There will never be an added charge for calling or meeting with us.

The areas addressed include, but are not limited to

Tax Advice

  • Proactive Tax Planning
  • Coordination of Tax Preparation & Filing

Investment Advice

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Asset Allocation Strategy
  • Investment Implementation
  • Real Estate Investment

Financial Advice

  • Retirement Planning
Business Planning
Insurance Analysis
Estate Planning
Record Keeping
Cash Flow / Budgeting Analysis
Goal Setting / Values Assessment
College Education Funding

We believe that financial planning is a process, not an event, and we also believe that things change more than they stay the same. So you won’t get a big binder with a one-time look at what the next 20 years of your life will look like.

Instead, we practice modular planning, taking one or two areas of your financial life in each meeting, having an in-depth discussion culminating in an action plan to help improve each area. This ‘homework’ is then reviewed at each subsequent meeting until complete, resulting in a financial life that is much improved after the initial 6-12 month period of our work together.

Ongoing monitoring keeps you on top of your financial life. It is this results-oriented process that will help you to realize your financial potential.

Are you are ready to start taking action to improve your financial situation? 

All new clients with Trinity Financial Planning start with a Financial Tune Up.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a Tune Up.

Financial Tune Up

One Meeting | Two Hours | Three Questions

While holistic financial planning is the cornerstone of our practice, we offer a one-time ‘Financial Tune Up’ (FTU) consultation that serves two purposes.

  • The first is to provide those who want to become full clients a sample of what it is like to work with us for before committing to an ongoing relationship.
  • The second is for clients whose situation is simple enough that ongoing consulting is not necessary.

The FTU is an intensive, interactive session to review your current financial situation and answer up to three of your most pressing questions. This is not a ‘free introduction,’ but actual results-oriented financial planning.  This is a stark contrast to other financial advisor's who offer a free initial consultation. Free initial consultations are used to gain your trust without providing any advice and function as a de facto sales presentation. If you think about it, the goal of the free appointment for the advisor is to get a new client. This presents a significant conflict of interest if you wants an objective review of their financial situation and options.

All FTU clients receive customized advice. We base our recommendations on your individual situation and your financial goals, not on some pre-packaged software.

Pricing for a Financial Tune Up is a flat fee of $975, with $500 due upon scheduling the FTU meeting and the remaining balance paid at the beginning of the planning meeting.


Does having a fee-only, unbiased review of your financial situation sound right for you?


Getting started on a Financial Tune Up is simple.

  • We will send you a confidential data sheet to complete and return along with other documents such as recent investment statements and tax returns.
  • Once your initial paperwork is received, the information is prepared and analyzed, and we hold a brief phone call to confirm all information as well as the agenda for the FTU meeting.

Contact us to get started.

After completing the FTU, you may choose to use other services we provide however you are under no obligation to do so. If we agree that working together in an ongoing financial planning relationship makes sense, the cost of the FTU is credited toward those additional services, reducing your future outlay.

If you’d like to learn more about our philosophy, check out our quotes in various news outlets.

Investment Management

Investment Management Services are offered to eligible clients using a passive management approach.

Trinity provides stand-alone investment management to clients who want a fiduciary advisor obligated to act in the client's best interests rather than a stockbroker or insurance agent.

While we believe that financial planning is most effective when done on a holistic, integrated basis, we understand that sometimes only investment advice is desired and that it is valuable to receive that advice untainted by a sales or commission-based agenda.

We use a passive management approach, relying on academic research which is independent of commercial interests to drive portfolio construction. This is unlike most advisors, who get their investment philosophy from mutual fund companies or their broker-dealer whose ‘research’ consists of finding data to support their product rather than evaluating data without a pre-desired outcome determined. We primarily utilize asset-class funds, most commonly known as index funds. We are among the select advisory firms authorized to access funds offered by Dimensional Funds Advisors (DFA), and we use DFA funds extensively along with Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's), Vanguard funds, and other select investment vehicles.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are also obligated to act as fiduciaries to our clients, meaning we have to act in your best interests.

Stock brokers, insurance agents and other advisors who work through a broker-dealer have contracts with their firms, not their clients, and are merely obligated to make recommendations that aren’t unsuitable for clients. There is a significant difference between ‘in clients best interest’ and ‘not unsuitable’.

If you are looking to replace your broker with a fiduciary advisor, if you want advice that is in your best interest and rather than merely not unsuitable, and if you more interested in disciplined, long-term investing than market predictions and hot stock or fund tips, contact us to discuss how we might fit your needs.