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W.I.T. #16 - What If You Were the World's Worst Market Timer? Thumbnail

W.I.T. #16 - What If You Were the World's Worst Market Timer?

No one wants to see their money go down soon after they invest, but how bad does it get if you always invested right before market crashes?

Three Things Worth Sharing

The amount of time we spend with other decreases over time, which makes sense as kids move out of the house and we retire. But the graph in this article shows a striking increase in time spent alone even during ages 50-70 (solitary time up over 30% in those two decades). And with studies showing that loneliness and depression being two huge problems with older people, it makes me think about how to plan now to mitigate this in the future.


An interesting article reminding us of some of the powers of the US government provided by the ‘Commerce Clause’ in the Constitution and how it plays out in real life today. Plus, how can you not check out an article with a title like ‘The surprisingly high stakes in a Supreme Court case about bacon’???


Just for Fun – instead of drawing straws or names in a hat, here is a neat (& automated!) way to do a random drawing, and all you have to do is enter the names or choices into a box!