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Who We Serve

Are you right for us?

Trinity Financial Planning specializes in helping clients navigate the complex maze of financial decisions as they prepare for and enter retirement. As a fiduciary practice, our clients maintain confidence that the advice provided is in their best interests.

Our ideal clients are people who:

…are approaching retirement or have already retired.

We specialize in working with folks who plan to stop working (or at least stop working full-time) in the next five years or who have already.

…live within their means.

Few of our clients would describe themselves as ‘rich’, but after a lifetime of saving and being wise with their money they typify the ‘millionaire next door’.

…believe in giving back.

Our clients believe in supporting their local communities and larger society by giving their time & money to support those less fortunate and other worthy causes.

…are looking for a trusted advisor.

Our clients are all smart people who know that they only get one retirement ... and it is too important to go it alone - they realize the value of expert guidance.

Does it sound like you could be an ideal client?

The next question to ask is… Are We Right For You?