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Comprehensive Advice to Simplify Your Life

Who We Serve

Trinity Financial Planning specializes in helping clients navigate the complex maze of financial decisions as they prepare for and enter retirement.  As a fiduciary practice, our clients maintain confidence that the advice provided is in their best interests.

 Are some of these statements true for you?

  • "We would like to retire in the next five years, but in these uncertain economic times we’re concerned about being able to afford it. How do we know if we can retire? Is there a way to have reliable income but yet provide for future growth to offset inflation?"
  • "We've been working with an investment adviser for a while, but we don’t feel like we have a cohesive plan. Our investment allocation seems to be more of a collection than a strategy. The statements are difficult to read, and it can be confusing trying to keep track of all the moving parts. Plus, I can’t seem to get a straight answer about all the costs involved. Is there a way to get more clarity?"
  • "Now that our kids are out of the house we’ve got more disposable income than ever, especially as we’re climbing the corporate ladder. We’re not looking to retire anytime soon, at least not in the traditional sense, although with the long hours we both put in we’re wondering more and more if the sacrifices are worth the money. We’ve always dreamt of running our own business, and we want to travel while we’re still young – but how do you balance all the options?"

What our clients all have in common is that they have enjoyed highly successful careers, whether as business owners, executives, or other professionals; they are humble, regular people despite their success; and they are grateful for all they have and believe in giving back to their family and their community.


We can help you if...

You want to simplify your life.

Albert Einstein once said “Things should be as simple as possible, no simpler.” We couldn’t agree more.


You know that information is readily available; what you’re looking for is knowledge.

Virtually everything you need to know to manage your own financial situation is available on the internet. But the expertise to apply that information in unique, real-life situations is not nearly to easily accessible.  Our real value comes not from knowing facts or strategies, but from the knowledge of how to apply that information to a wide variety of client situations.


You want full disclosure and advice untainted by commission-driven sales.

We offer full disclosure, fee-only advice all the time. No product sales, no commissions, ever.


You want holistic advice. 

It is not difficult to find someone who will sell you insurance. Or someone willing to provide investment advice. Or someone to prepare your income taxes. 

But we don’t believe that getting advice in a vacuum leads to success.

We DO believe that:

  • It is nearly impossible to make good investment decisions without considering the tax consequences; and
  • Analyzing retirement planning options without considering estate planning goals is incomplete; and
  • Looking at investment allocation without considering real estate and other net worth is dangerous. 


That’s why we integrate proactive tax planning, investment advice, insurance analysis and financial planning to produce a holistic, coordinated plan. 


If you think you are a good candidate to become a TFP client and would like to discuss our process, click here to:  Schedule a Phone Call 

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the issues we help them resolve and what our clients need to do to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about How We Work.