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CNBC - May 14, 2022
Want to buy more than $10,000 in nearly risk-free I bonds? Here are a few strategies
“There are several entities that are allowed to buy I bonds,” said John Scherer, a CFP and founder of Trinity Financial Planning in Madison, Wisconsin, including LLCs, corporations and sole proprietorships.

CNBC - May 13, 2022
Here are some strategies to pay off credit card debt before interest rates rise again
If you are going to pay off your debt while keeping your cards open, there are generally two methods that people use to wipe away a balance, according to John Scherer, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional and founder of Trinity Financial Planning in Madison, Wisconsin.

CNBC - May 3, 2022
Here's where financial advisors say I bonds may work in your portfolio
“Buy some [I bonds] in the short run while they’re paying higher rates, and if it ever changes, you can always take them out,” Scherer said. “After the first year, you have complete flexibility.”

Yahoo! - January 14, 2022
7 financial planners explain how to invest your money during high inflation
“Companies are best positioned to adjust to inflation...”. Investing in company stocks makes sense then because most of the time, they can pass along the cost increases to consumers and keep their profit margins intact and their share prices up. “...So investing in businesses, diversified by using stock mutual funds, is a great inflation hedge”.

BOLLYINSIDE - November 11, 2021
6 meaningful ways to give money to grandchildren
“This is a safe investment that’s backed by the U.S. government, with a guaranteed rate and an inflation component. If used for college, the gains can be tax-free.” (reference to Series I savings bonds)

MarketWatch - July 15, 2021
Planning for retirement?  You should also plan for inflation
“With inflation, the price of food, cloth and fuel all go higher, while the cost of housing (not including taxes and insurance of course) stay fixed.”

MarketWatch - September 15, 2019
Trump wants even lower interest rates: What that would mean for your retirement savings
“Worst case, it provides guaranteed cash flows in the exact years planned.” 

MarketWatch - September 13, 2019
How to keep your 401(k) running smoothly - no matter what
“Choosing one of these investment options means that their 401(k) account will systematically sell high and buy low, and makes it a truly set-it-and-forget-it system that is actually effective.”

nerdwallet - March 25, 2019
How to Know When It's OK to Spend
“One specific thing we suggest people do is to invest in memories, meaning do things like take your kids and grandkids on vacations that will be meaningful for you and they will remember all their lives.”

Money - February 2019
The Most Important Thing You Need to Do Before You Retire, According to Financial Advisors
“If you have money sitting in an account that’s FDIC or government backed, you know it’s going to be there”

CNBC - January 18, 2018
What you need to do if you want to put off retirement like Warren Buffett
"That's great until it doesn't work anymore."

Kiplinger - December 2015
Reap the Rewards of a Roth IRA
"Because you aren’t working full-time and have reduced income, you can convert a significant amount of money from your IRA at a low tax rate."

USA TODAY - August 6, 2015
Protect Your Nest Egg: Rebalance Your 401(k) to Avoid Risk
“Rebalancing consistently to a planned allocation is the single biggest thing people can do to avoid getting burned by a market drop,'' Scherer says. "Following a disciplined rebalancing plan means consistently selling high and buying low, and while it means you never make a killing, you also never get killed."

Kiplinger - June 2015
Should You Invest Your Retirement Savings in an Immediate Annuity?
"One strategy is to add up regular expenses, such as utilities and property taxes, subtract Social Security and other guaranteed sources of income, and buy an immediate annuity to fill the gap. Keep the rest of your savings in an investment portfolio that you can tap when you need the money for other, less-predictable costs, says John Scherer, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional in Middleton, Wisconsin."

CBS News - March 26, 2015
Does my teen really have to file taxes?
"And even if W-2s weren't issued (as for babysitting), it's smart to keep -- or to begin to keep -- a record of earned income, Scherer said. Where the record of earnings can come in handy is with establishing a Roth IRA."

MarketWatch - December 13, 2013
5 Moves to Make Before January
That’s not to say you should buy a Maserati just for the sake of doing so. “But if you’re going to do it anyway, you’re going to save a little bit in 2013.”

Wall Street Journal - June 8, 2010
VOICES: John Scherer, On Blogging
John Scherer, principal and founder of Trinity Financial Planning in Middleton, Wisconsin, blogs about financial planning at www.TrinFin.com. He spoke with WSJ Financial Adviser about the value of client communication.

SmartMoney - March 22, 2010
House Call: To Buy or Not to Buy
"There are fewer than 40 days remaining until the federal home buyer tax credit expires. And home builders and realtors aren’t letting consumers forget it."

NBC 15 News Madison, WI - October 6, 2008
Pain on Every Street
John Scherer was interviewed by Chris Papst regarding the current stock market decline. John reassures viewers to not make any rash decisions and to have a financial plan.

Chicago Tribune - December 2007
Working hard to get ahead: Planning for the future isn't just about money
This article features sound advice from John Scherer about planning for you future and making the right decisions.

Chicago Tribune - February 2007
Time Horizon is Key for Asset Allocation
John helps to analyze a reader's investment allocation as they look toward retirement in 'The Journey' feature of the February 18 Tribune.

Chicago Tribune - February 2007
Even Reluctant Landlords Can Reap Tax Breaks
In the February 11 Sunday business section, John talks about the importance of keeping good records when owning rental real estate.

BusinessWeek - January 2007
Retirement Savings: Five Tips to Catch Up
Along with fellow Alliance of Cambridge Advisors Chip Simon and Ed Fulbright, John advises readers on how to make up for lost time in retirement planning.

Chicago Tribune - September 2006
Pensions can be safe, even at bankrupt firms
This article addresses questions and concerns of pension plans. John discussed little-known facts regarding the access and mobility of your money within an established pension plan.

Chicago Tribune - September 2006
Raiding a 401(k) to pay mortgage isn't wise move
Addressing a reader's concern with home mortgage payment, John points out the inflation-defense benefits of fixed mortgage payments and recommends saving the 401k for retirement.

Chicago Tribune - August 2006
Taking Chance on Dream Can Beat Waiting for Pension
What should I do with my 401K money? Invest it in bonds? Stocks? John gives advice on this pressing pre-retirement concern.

SmartMoney - April 2001
10 Things Your Estate Planner Won't Tell You
Did you know that estate attorneys can make more money in selling you life insurance than actually planning your estate? This fact is addressed by John and warning signs are given to avoid outrageous commission charges.