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Avantis Field Guide - November 2023

Click to view the Avantis Field Guide November 2023.pdf

John references this Avantis Field Guide in What I'm Thinking #46; page 4 shows economist predictions vs. actual market performance and page 15 shows how even 'US stocks' or 'Emerging Markets stocks' can perform very differently depending on how you define them.

Geopolitical sell-offs are typically short lived

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Market Commentary For TFP Clients - March 27, 2020

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Practical Applications Of Financial Concepts
AAII Feb 2019 Slide deck for John's presentation to the American Association of Individual Investors, February 2019.

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Can investors predict when to buy and sell securities?
In this 4 1/2 minute video, Jim Davis, PhD runs more than 780 tests on data from 15 stock markets to test this theory.

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