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Trinity Financial Planning Services:

Financial Tune Up

One Meeting | Two Hours | Three Questions

While holistic financial planning is the cornerstone of our practice, we offer a one-time ‘Financial Tune Up’ (FTU) consultation to provide objective advice for those whose situation does not have the complexity that would require ongoing consulting.

The FTU is an intensive, interactive session to review your current financial situation and answer up to three of your most pressing questions. This is not a ‘free introduction,’ but an actual results-oriented financial planning.  This is a stark contrast to other financial advisor's who offer a free initial consultation. Free initial consultations are used to gain your trust without providing any advice and function as a de facto sales presentation. 

If you think about it, the goal of the free appointment most advisors offer is for them to have a chance to make a sale to get a new client. This presents a significant conflict of interest if you want an objective review of their financial situation and options.

All FTU clients receive customized advice. We base our recommendations on your individual situation and your financial goals, not on some pre-packaged solution.

Pricing for a Financial Tune Up is a flat fee of $1,150 with $575 due when signing the FTU agreement and the remaining balance paid at the beginning of the planning meeting.


Does having a fee-only, unbiased review of your financial situation sound right for you?


Getting started on a Financial Tune Up is simple.

  • We will send you a confidential data sheet to complete and bring with you along with other documents such as recent investment statements and tax returns to an initial meeting.
  • At your initial meeting, we review all information as well as confirm your questions for the FTU advisory meeting.

Contact us to get started.

After completing the FTU, you may choose to use other services we provide however you are under no obligation to do so.  If you’d like to learn more about our philosophy, check out our quotes in various news outlets.