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Financial Tune-Up


While holistic financial planning is the cornerstone of our practice, we offer a one-time ‘Financial Tune Up’ (FTU) consultation to provide objective advice for those whose situation does not have the complexity that would require ongoing consulting and wealth management.

The FTU is an interactive session to review your current financial situation and answer up to three of your most pressing questions.


FTU’s are designed for clients:

  • In the Building the Foundation stage (net worth < annual income) or Early Accumulation stage (net worth of 1-3x annual income) of the Financial Lifecycle
  • Public sector employees who have a State of Wisconsin (WRS) pension

People in the Rapid Accumulation stage (net worth of 3-7x annual income) of the Financial Lifecycle will be considered on an individual basis.


  • FTU clients are eligible to return after three years for another Financial Tune Up
  • FTU clients can return for a follow up sooner if a major life change happens such as a birth, death, marriage, divorce, inheritance, job change, etc.


Your FTU will:

  • Include general recommendations for a course of activity or specific actions you should consider.
    • An FTU does not include implementation of the recommendations; action taken will be at your discretion.
  • Only take into account the information and documents you provide to us.
  • Not be accompanied by a written summary of observations and recommendations.
  • Be an interactive discussion where you can take notes on your takeaways and action items. TFP will provide printouts upon request of any tools or visuals reviewed that you think would be valuable to take home.
  • Provide advice at your direction about top areas of interest or concern.
    • Topic options include: retirement planning, estate planning, education planning, personal tax planning, real estate analysis, mortgage/debt analysis, and/or insurance analysis.
    • Please note, no specific investment advice is offered in an FTU.
  • Be completed at the close of your advisory meeting.


  • The Financial Tune Up is a flat fee of $1,150
  • The first payment of $575 is due when signing the FTU agreement.
  • The remaining balance is paid at the advisory meeting.


Getting started on a Financial Tune Up is simple:

  • Schedule your FTU preparation phone call using this link.
  • Once your prep call is scheduled, we will send you a confidential data sheet to complete and send to us along with other documents such as recent investment statements and tax returns.
  • During your FTU prep phone call, we will review your information together as well as confirm your questions for the FTU advisory meeting, and then schedule your advisory meeting.

Do you have other questions about the Financial Tune Up and if it is the right fit for you? Schedule a 15-minute prospective client phone call to talk with us about your situation.

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