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W.I.T. #17 - The 35th Anniversary of "Black Monday" Thumbnail

W.I.T. #17 - The 35th Anniversary of "Black Monday"

On October 19th, 1987, the Dow Jones fell 500 points. How would you react if you heard that happened today?

Three Things Worth Sharing

I was going to put this in the ‘Just For Fun’ category, but I’m not sure it’s only fun. Regardless, the satirical newspaper ‘The Onion’ wrote and submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court a 23-page amicus brief in support of a man who was arrested by police for creating a parody of the Facebook page of their department. It is a must-read and includes such gems as:

“Rising from its humble beginnings as a print newspaper in 1756, The Onion now enjoys a daily readership of 4.3 trillion and has grown into the single most powerful and influential organization in human history.”


“And The Onion knows that the federal judiciary is staffed entirely by total Latin dorks: They quote Catullus in the original Latin in chambers. They sweetly whisper “stare decisis” into their spouses’ ears. They mutter “cui bono” under their breath while picking up after their neighbors’ dogs.”


For a very long time, everyone in the eastern third of Wisconsin had a 414 area code. Then in 1997, the 920 area code was split off for phone numbers to the north, followed shortly by the 262 area code being added for numbers in the suburbs surrounding Milwaukee in 1999. Now twenty-four years later, starting sometime in 2023, folks in south-central and southwestern Wisconsin will start to be assigned a 353 area code.


I’m not a huge NBA fan, but with the new season underway, I will at least pay attention to scores a little bit. A good place to get a handle on what might happen around the league this year is NBA Power Rankings: One random prediction for all 30 teams.