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W.I.T. #18 - The Impact of the War in Ukraine on Wheat Prices Thumbnail

W.I.T. #18 - The Impact of the War in Ukraine on Wheat Prices

The war in Ukraine has caused all kinds of problems. One of the big ones expected in spring (see W.I.T. #3) was a disruption of grain supply and high prices for things like wheat. How has that played out so far this year?

Three Things Worth Sharing

Researchers revive animal organs hours after ‘death’ - I’m not sure I can say much that adds to this direct quote from the beginning of this article from the international journal ‘Nature’: “Researchers have restored1 circulation and cellular activity in the vital organs of pigs, such as the heart and brain, one hour after the animals died. The research challenges the idea that cardiac death — which occurs when blood circulation and oxygenation stops — is irreversible, and raises ethical questions about the definition of death. The work follows 2019 experiments by the same scientists in which they revived the disembodied brains of pigs four hours after the animals died, calling into question the idea that brain death is final.”

Raising a middle-class child will cost almost $300,000 - The USDA publishes regular reports about the cost of raising a child; a review of recent data includes the same thing I’ve been saying for years to clients who are worrying about the costs of college but have paid for day care: “…day care in many places across the country could be significantly more expensive than in-state public (college) tuition…”

Just for Fun – a cool visual trick worth 30 seconds of your time!