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W.I.T. #19 - Where Do Fund Managers Put Their Own Money Thumbnail

W.I.T. #19 - Where Do Fund Managers Put Their Own Money

Fund managers are respected and trusted by their investors, but do they follow their own advice?

Three Things Worth Sharing

Comedy Wildlife Photo Award finalists – After being forced to listen to all the political ads over the past few months, put a smile on your face by checking out these cool wildlife pictures, including a brown bear smelling flowers, a duckling walking across a row of turtles, & a lion cub crashing into a tree. (And yes, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are an actual thing and not something I just made up!)

Born in 1989? If so, you’re the same age now as George Costanza was when Seinfeld premiered (in 1989!). At least according to Derek Guy, who had some funny clips and responses to his post about this. And if you’re weirded about being the same age as George Costanza, just tell yourself it’s not true. Remember that he’s the one who said ‘It’s not a lie if you believe it!’

How can human hair dull steel? A new study by MIT engineers shows how shaving can damage blades. Human hair, which is 50 times softer than steel, can chip away a razor’s edge, the engineers found. And on a related note, ever wonder who pays for a bunch of pointy-heads at MIT to study how razor blades get dull? They must have some really good grant writers!