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W.I.T. #20 - Market Returns After Midterm Elections Thumbnail

W.I.T. #20 - Market Returns After Midterm Elections

History shows that political events have an impact on the economic outlook. How does the stock market usually react after midterm elections?

Three Things Worth Sharing

Researchers at Penn State have developed an EV battery that can charge up to about 70% capacity in about 10 minutes. With current EV batteries typically taking 30+ minutes to charge, this could be a meaningful discovery.

Hedge funds typically charge a 2% fee plus 20% of profits for access to their managers’ stock picking skills, all while being subject to basically no rules or oversight. The superior skill of the hedge fund manager is supposed to buffer sophisticated investors from market declines. This article from Bloomberg casts light on how that’s been going lately. Want to hazard a guess as to whether it is the fund managers or the customers that are making out like bandits?

Just for Fun – Following up on last edition’s comedy wildlife pictures, this article from NPR highlighting the winners of the regular Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is worth a look. There is a nice description of how the winners got their shots, and the gallery of runners-up is pretty impressive.