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W.I.T. #24 - Predictions for 2023 Thumbnail

W.I.T. #24 - Predictions for 2023

As we kick off 2023, here is a look at some predictions for the year from 'experts' in the financial world and otherwise.

Three Things Worth Sharing

Coal & natural gas are by far the most common primary energy sources in the United States, but you might be surprised to know that nuclear energy is the primary energy source in five states…and they might not be the states you would have expected!

Bet you can’t guess which company sells more cars than any other. This hint probably won’t help, but in 2020 they sold 50 times more cars than Toyota…one every 16 seconds!

Having recently returned from a trip to Idaho, where huckleberries were a staple on menus & in gift shops, this graphic on where in North America various berries are grown caught my eye. I was surprised to see that blueberries pretty much don’t show up west of the Mississippi…and (despite wonderful marketing out west) that huckleberries DO show up east of the Mississippi!