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W.I.T. #26 - What Are You Missing In Your Opinions? Thumbnail

W.I.T. #26 - What Are You Missing In Your Opinions?

Everyone has opinions about all sorts of things. But odds are, your opinions aren't accounting for 99.99% of everyone else's experiences.

Three Things Worth Sharing

If you participate in the State of Wisconsin’s Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) pension fund, you are in good hands. You might already know that the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB) runs one of the most well-funded pensions in the country; this means they have enough money set aside to continue to pay in full and on time, as opposed to many pensions which are counting on future earnings and tax dollars to fund their payments. But I was surprised to see that WRS is the 25th largest pension fund in the entire world!

Through Say Yes! Covid Test, free at-home rapid tests are available in many areas. The website shows Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Washington state as participants, but I’m unsure if it is only those states. Still, it’s worth checking out as many insurers and medical providers are scheduled to phase out free tests in the near future.

Check out this home in Maine that has no furnace yet stays 70 degrees inside all winter long using an energy-efficient design and heat from the sun.