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W.I.T. #27 - Looking Back at the Market Thumbnail

W.I.T. #27 - Looking Back at the Market

After last year's decline in the stock market, it is easy to assume things will continue trending down. Looking at the bigger picture can help us avoid falling into the trap of recency bias.

Three Things Worth Sharing

The TV show ‘Shark Tank’ can be fun to watch both to see new products and to guess what kind of a deal might get made, but things aren’t always ‘as seen on TV’. Forbes had an interesting article on some of the sneaky little secrets behind the scenes and what happens after the show.

 While I like to think of myself as open-minded, this five-minute read on the great FS Blog made me examine that closely. At a minimum, it is worth reading to learn the theory (espoused by Warren Buffett’s longtime sidekick Charlie Munger) about how the human mind is like the human egg!

 Check out this short article from Georgia Tech about how studying the glassy-winged sharpshooter insect might help advance technology like water-proofing smartwatches. It is interesting to see the intersection of nature and technology, but while there are some really cool insights as to ‘curiosity-driven science being valuable’ and designing systems that ‘overcome adhesion and viscosity with lower energy,’ I must confess that I really just wanted an excuse to put the phrases ‘Super-fast Insect Urination’ and ‘a butt flicker’ into the W.I.T. email!