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W.I.T. #29 - Are You Above Average? Thumbnail

W.I.T. #29 - Are You Above Average?

What percentage of your day is spent indoors? How do you compare to the average American?


The Top 10 US Cities Where a $100,000 Salary Goes the Furthest – Most of these cities are in Texas, but they are not all small towns.   With remote work allowing more people to live where they want vs. where the job is located, it will be interesting to watch this going forward.

 The Surprisingly Scientific Basis of Monkey Bars – A short article describing how a mathematician developed monkey bars, which were patented in 1923. It also talks about how they are controversial today, with opponents seeking out an ultra-safe playground environment while ‘many developmental psychologists contend that risky play is essential for healthy growth and development in children’.

 There Are More Ways to Arrange a Deck of Cards Than Atoms on Earth – Maybe this was interesting to me due to my recent flight in and out of Las Vegas?  In any event, here is another short article which is really useful to understand the power of large numbers and statistics, explained in a very simple fashion.