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W.I.T. #30 - How Has Rent Changed from 2022 to 2023 Thumbnail

W.I.T. #30 - How Has Rent Changed from 2022 to 2023

 Rent is one of the largest expenses for Americans. With all the inflation we've had recently, how much has rent been affected?


Inflation Going Down – The opening graphic in this article from A Wealth of Common Sense shows how inflation rates have gone down each month since last summer. The rest of the article is interesting if you want to dig into inflation analysis, but that first paragraph is something everyone should note.

Action Needed by Tomorrow – If you haven’t bought I bonds in 2023, the deadline is tomorrow (April 27) to lock in the 6.89% interest currently being paid by I bonds. Check out this recent episode of Friends Talk Financial Planning where my friend Bridget Sullivan Mermel and I discuss the upcoming change effective May 1, and what you might want to do about it.

The 50 Worst Decisions in Music History - If you are a music lover like me, this article from Rolling Stone makes for interesting reading.