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W.I.T. #41 - How Longevity is Shaping Retirement Thumbnail

W.I.T. #41 - How Longevity is Shaping Retirement

What we consider ‘old’ might be relative to our age, but maybe it is a moving target over time.

Three Things Worth Sharing

Investors Missing Out on 20% of Returns – Morningstar published the results of their latest study on investor returns in July. Their conclusion was that on average, over the decade ending 12-31-2022, mutual fund investors returned about 6% per year while total returns of mutual funds themselves were about 7.7% per year, resulting in investors underperforming by 1.7% per year.

As for why the average investor loses out on one-fifth of the returns their funds get, Morningstar says that the gap stems from mistimed buying & selling.

It’s for More Than Researching the Golden Bachelor – Check out the cool things you can do in the Google search box. You’ll never need to carry a level to hang a picture again!

Prost! – With Oktoberfest just behind us (and its eponymous style of beer being my favorite type of brew!), I thought I’d share this graphic of which countries drink the most beer. The same country has been the beer consuming leader for 19 years running…can you guess which one itis? Also, check out the bar chart to find out which country drinks twice as much beer per capita as the next highest country.