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W.I.T. #47 - Investment Return on an NBA Franchise Thumbnail

W.I.T. #47 - Investment Return on an NBA Franchise

The late Herb Kohl owned the Milwaukee Bucks for decades; find out how can you invest like a billionaire by thinking about his story.

Three Things Worth Sharing

Really cool calculators – Looking up data for this episode reminded me of this great website that has dozens & dozens of practical as well as just super-interesting calculators which I had written about in a previous edition of ‘Three Things Worth Sharing’.

Interactive U.S. Property Taxes by State – We often think of ‘state taxes’ as tax on income, but you’d be surprised at the ‘no or low tax’ states where property taxes really sock it to a person!

Quotable – "A simple filter for managing your time: You're not focused enough unless you're mourning some of the things you're saying no to." - James Clear