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W.I.T. #48 - Intelligent vs. Smart Thumbnail

W.I.T. #48 - Intelligent vs. Smart

Is there a difference between being smart and intelligent, and if so should you work toward being one vs the other?

Three Things Worth Sharing 

Requirement for Financial Education by State – What happens when you give 600 kindergarteners $50 to save for college?  Check out the article to find out the answer to that question and also to see where your state ranks as far as requiring high school kids to have some type of financial literacy class. (With rare bipartisan support, in December Wisconsin passed a law requiring a financial literacy course in order to graduate starting next school year.)

It’s really the perfect fish – We know that salmon is good for us, but just how healthy is it?  Learn why it has been linked to health improvements from reducing blood pressure to staving off Alzheimer's, why it's better to eat fish than take supplements and which type of salmon packs the most health punch.

Travel Photographer of the Year – Check out the pictures taken by the overall as well as youth winners of the 2023 TPOTY awards.