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W.I.T. #49 - Top Performing Stocks of the Last 20 Years Thumbnail

W.I.T. #49 - Top Performing Stocks of the Last 20 Years

Two stocks have absolutely killed the competition over the past two decades. Apple is one; you'll never guess the other!

Three Things Worth Sharing

Buffett on the distorting power of fame – “I was at my best at giving financial advice when I was twenty-one years old and people weren’t listening to me. I could have gotten up there and said the most brilliant things and not very much attention would have been paid to me. And now can say the dumbest things in the world and a fair number of people will think there’s some great hidden meaning to it or something.”
– Warren Buffett

Gov. Daddy Warbucks – As primary season heats up on the political arenas, I found this chart of the richest politicians interesting. And I was quite surprised to find out that the richest politician by far, with over 50% more wealth than second place, was not running for president (Spoiler – it’s a Midwestern state governor.  As is #3!)

Be my Valentine? – I came across this article highlighting the top 100 romantic restaurants in the U.S. and was excited to see where I should take Alison out for dinner until I read it in full. How is it that North Dakota & New Hampshire each make the list but Wisconsin and Iowa both get shut out?