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W.I.T #50 - The Boomer's Impact on the Stock Market Thumbnail

W.I.T #50 - The Boomer's Impact on the Stock Market

Digging into the economic impact of the largest generation in the history of the world moving into retirement.

Three Things Worth Sharing

U.S. is the world’s #1 producer of oil – Whether you think it is a good thing or not, this graphic showing the huge increase in the oil production of the U.S. since Barack Obama took office is dramatic.

 What?! – Check out 100 seconds of this video starting at the 4-minute mark to learn why microwave ovens do not melt ice.

 First Stars on Ice, then Disney on Ice, now this? – If you are in a post-Super Bowl Big Game funk and just can’t wait until the new spring football league starts, check out this crazy version of American football that is all the rage in Germany.